A bisexual person is attracted to both males and females, and may form a sexual and affectionate relationship with either sex. A person who is bisexual may not be equally attracted to both genders.[1] It is important to reject a common stereotype that bisexuality is equal to non-monogamy. Bisexuality simply means that a person has not selected one particular sex from which to choose a sexual and affectionate partner. Bisexuality challenges the need for labels. It recognizes that we do not need to limit our partner choices to either the same-sex or opposite sex, but instead we can look at each individual person and decide upon our attraction, based on a full set of personal characteristics. However, as challengers to the either/or dichotomy of gender, bisexual people are subject to many stereotypical assumptions.

People assume that because a bisexual person has not chosen to date either men or women that means she is somehow compelled to be promiscuous. This is not true. Someone who is bisexual chooses to have an emotional, sexual and affectionate relationship based on the person and not the person’s gender.