Aboriginal People in Canada Handout

Aboriginal People in Canada

Answer True or False for the following questions.

  1. Aboriginal people in Canada do not pay taxes.

  2. The terms ‘Aboriginal,' ‘Native,' ‘First Nations,' and ‘Indigenous' are interchangeable.

  3. Aboriginal people don't have to pay anything for housing, education, or medical care. 

  4. More than 80 per cent of Aboriginal people in Canada live below the poverty line.

  5. More than 100 Aboriginal communities in Canada don't have sanitary drinking water.

  6. Most Aboriginal people in Canada want to separate from Canada.

  7. Aboriginal people are opposed to economic development and/or participation in the mainstream economy.

  8. Aboriginal people comprise about 5 per cent of Canada's population and this percentage is expected to double in 20 years.

  9. It is estimated that there were about 25 First Nations living in what is now Canada at the time of European colonization.

  10. The term "Metis" refers to people of French and Aboriginal ancestry who lived around the Red River Valley in what is now Manitoba.

  11. Because their community was created ‘after' colonization, the Metis people don't have any land claims or hunting or fishing rights.

  12. Aboriginal men make up more than 75% of the male prison population across Canada.

  13. Aboriginal women in Canada were granted the vote at the same time as white women were granted the vote.

  14. The Indian Act is the only piece of current Canadian legislation that defines a group of people according to categories of race and ancestry.

  15. The number of Aboriginal youth that graduate from high school is about half that of the mainstream population.

  16. The Conservative Federal Government under Stephen Harper supports the Kelowna Accord.