Contents and Terminology

What you will find

This site includes:

  • accurate information and highly respected resources, including a glossary and detailed discussion of key terms to assist you in developing an accurate critical vocabulary for recognizing, naming, and challenging racism;

  • detailed exploration of fundamental topics, issues, principles, and philosophies associated with anti-racism and anti-racism work;

  • ways to engage in your own process of learning/self-knowing, including: recognizing one's own stereotypes, prejudices, biases, taken for granted assumptions, and knowledge gaps, all of which will impact your ability to support anti-racism learning;

  • ways to support others in their learning;

  • a constantly updated live feed to relevant media coverage;

  • a useful list of resources


The following terms are used throughout this resource:


The word "facilitator" encompasses:

  • primary, secondary, and postsecondary educators;

  • individuals who do anti-racism work;

  • people dedicated to social justice;

  • people in any organization who see the need for an inclusive atmosphere.

Learning Space

The term "Learning Space" includes:

  • classrooms

  • workshops

  • workplaces

  • your neighbourhood

  • your communities and relationships - e.g., friends, family, recreational community, social groups, etc.


The word "participants" includes co-learners and co-contributors - e.g. students, coworkers, workshop participants.