How to Use This Resource

We have developed this resource to support you—as you continue to learn about racism and its impact in our individual and collective lives, and as you engage in anti-racism work, in both formal and informal settings. The anti-racism work that you do is important, and challenging, and, we hope, immensely rewarding. Our hope in developing these materials is that you will benefit from our collective experiences (successes, and mistakes) and our research, even as we acknowledge, and value, that you bring your own important, particular history, experiences and perspectives to bear on the issues and the work.

Racism is often experienced and recognized on a very personal level. While experienced and viewed from this individual perspective, racism is in fact systemic, pervasive, and indeed is fundamental to the very structure of our society, and the many institutions—particularly formal education—which maintain our society and its inequalities. Our goal is to support you in developing your critical understanding of the systemic nature of racism, its historical foundations, and current impact, particularly in terms of the formal education system, so that you will be more effective in recognizing, naming, and combatting racism, nurturing equitable communities, and realizing our shared goal of social justice.

This resource has been designed to reflect Our Philosophy and to support you in your own anti-racism learning processes. 

Navigating this Site

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Please navigate our site using the top and left side menus, as well as the diagram on the home page. Throughout our site you will find useful links to other areas of the site as well as to external internet resources. We suggest this initial path:

  • Begin by getting to know CARED and Our Philosophy.

  • Move on to "You in Anti-Racism" for the essential processes of self-reflection and self-assessment.

  • Move to "What You Need to Know" for foundational discussion of key terms.

  • Refer to our Glossary as necessary.

  • Work through this site, extending and strengthening the roots of your knowledge. You will, in the process, discover the Learning Actions.

  • Refer regularly to the "In the News" section, not only to see "what's happening" but to see how what you are learning is represented in continuing struggles for social justice.

Very Important Note

We expect that users of this resource will:

  • Recognize the value and importance of anti-racism work.

  • Do the necessary personal work, including completing the self-assessment tool and developing an understanding of the principles, philosophies and concepts found here, prior to engaging in anti-racism work.

  • Recognize that anti-racism work moves beyond the handouts, activities, workshops, quick-fix strategies, and celebrations often seen as anti-racism initiatives.

  • Recognize how the facilitator and participant contribute to their own and each other's learning experience.

  • Recognize that anti-racism work or activism is an ongoing life long process and not a linear process.

  • Recognize that anti-racism work involves all parts of one's life (work, home, and community affiliations).