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Seniors and Discrimination: Rights, Respect & Responsibility (Video & Discussion)

This program focuses on educating seniors about human rights and human rights law, with the intention of fostering respect for human rights and respect for each other. The videos and accompanying User Guide will also educate staff and other people who interact with and work with seniors about human rights law and respectful interactions. Actual personal experiences of discrimination are presented. A legal expert discusses possible actions regarding the examples of discrimination.

The program will help seniors of all backgrounds to know about the remedies that they have available, under the law, in dealing with intolerance, bigotry, discrimination, harassment, and bullying. It will also be helpful to staff working in seniors’ organizations to deal with instances of discrimination they may face.

Additional Programs:

Hopes and Dreams – Stories from Young Refugees (Video & Discussion)

This award winning video educates young people about refugees, helps them to identify and understand the discrimination faced by refugees, and its effect on them. It gives educators background information on refugees, international laws, and Canadian laws which protect everyone against discrimination. 

But Words DO hurt: Stories from GLBTT youth (Video & Discussion)

This award winning video educates young people about discrimination and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation, the legal remedies and the devastating effect bullying has on GLBTT individuals. This knowledge can help students learn to be more respectful to each other.

But Words Do Hurt - Trailer:

Hopes & Dreams - Trailer:

Students for Change Program: The Change Begins With Us

This program teaches students to problem-solve, resolve conflicts and help each other deal with bullying, harassment and discrimination in nonviolent ways, and to transform their school environment into one which is welcoming, inclusive, respectful, accepting of all diverse students and free from aggression and violence. This program is offered at no cost to schools.

Respectful Me, Respectful You: Discrimination, Harassment and Human Rights (video & Discussion)

Discrimination and harassment, including cyber-harassment, are ongoing challenges faced by young people. The video provides young people with a basic understanding of human rights, some aspects of human rights legislation and their responsibilities. Scenarios portray scenes of discrimination and harassment created by and featuring young people, followed by possible remedies or solutions.

Respectful Me, Respectful You - Trailer:

Students For Change - Trailer:

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