ACLRC Publications List

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Annotation of the Alberta Human Rights Act, 2016

Contains full text of the Alberta Act, including recent amendments, by-laws, current caselaw and tribunal decisions. Table of Concordance and other resources. 200+ pages.
2016 ISBN #1-896225-68-3

Know Your Rights in the Workplace: A Youth Employment Law Handbook

Question and answer format deals with legal and other employment issues faced by youth in Alberta: employment standards, discrimination and harassment, work and age, salary, benefits, hours of work and breaks, overtime, safety and working conditions, holidays, and being fired. Includes a resource section and learning exercises. 145+ pages. Also available online downloadable resources
2008. Updated 2014. ISBN# 1-896225-56-X ($35 + s/h)

An Inspecting Gaze: Troubling Developments in Canadian Law Enforcement

This report focuses on the law enforcement strategies in Canada that increase surveillance powers and mechanisms and the ability of law enforcement to attack proceeds of crime. Addresses online surveillance, provincial “safe communities” legislation that allows entry into premises without warrant or consent of the owner, as well as civil forfeiture procedures. Ways that these law enforcement trends violate privacy and property rights are analyzed. Finally, we deal with new federal cyber-bullying legislation, Canada’s relationship with the United States National Security Agency and their implications for privacy and civil liberties. 116 pages.
2014. ISBN # 1-896225-82-9. ($25 + s/h)

No Place to Sleep: The Right to Housing in Canada (Second Edition)

The international community recognizes the right to housing as a basic human right. This paper examines the right to housing as a basic human right in the context of International Law, constitutional law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and finally, we provide a conclusion and recommendations on the issue. 167 pages.
2013.ISBN # 1-896225-66-7 ($25+ s/h)

Hate Crimes and Hate Expression in Alberta and Canada

An overview of the legislation and caselaw that inform the discussion of hate laws in Canada.  Includes learning exercises on hate crimes and hate expression. 30 pages.
2013. ISBN#1-896225-76-4. ($10 + s/h)

Group Rights, Individual Rights and Equality in Multicultural Canada

Discusses the constitutional basis for group rights, while explaining that all citizens and residents enjoy individual civil rights and liberties and how the two concepts are not mutually exclusive, thus contributing to our uniquely Canadian identity. Also discusses freedom of religion and its limitations in Canada’s multicultural context. 66 pages.
2013. ISBN# 1-896225-74-8. ($20 + s/h) 

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the Adult Criminal Justice System in Canada

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) affects adults and children around the world. In the past several years, there have been a number of Canadian initiatives addressed at dealing with youth in the criminal justice system who have FASD. The damage inflicted by alcohol consumption during pregnancy is permanent. Thus, although programs aimed at dealing with criminal behaviour of youth are admirable, FASD may also be a factor in many adults engaged in criminal behaviour. Our report focuses on the central issues faced by adults with FASD in the criminal justice system. These include making false confessions, being permanently unfit to stand trial, being unable to rely on the defence of not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder, the relevance of FASD to the sentence received after a finding of guilt, and finally, the effectiveness and desirability of incarceration for FASD adults. 114 pages.
2012 ISBN #1-896225-64-2 ($25 + s/h)

Employer’s Guide: Trans-Identified People in the Workplace

Handy guide to terminology, pertinent human rights law, privacy, revealing gender identity to other employees, use of bathrooms and other issues regarding accommodation of trans-identified persons in the workplace. 4 pages.
2012. Available in booklet form (free) or online at downloadable resources.

LGBT Rights: Climbing the Judicial Steps to Equality

Canadian laws regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-identified (LGBT) individuals and couples have drastically changed in the past twenty years. After same-sex marriage rights became a reality in early 2000, many people thought that human rights and equality for LGBT people and same-sex couples had been achieved. However, this perception does not play out in a detailed examination of the law, policies and accessing legal resolutions. This paper outlines the areas where the law has not been amended to protect LGBT people and where its application results in differential treatment of LGBT individuals. Includes a history of LGBT rights in Alberta. It then reviews legal areas that have the potential for continued change, interpretation and legislative review, such as human rights, family issues, hate crimes, transgendered person's rights, refugees and immigrant issues and issues in schools. 80+ pages.
2012 ISBN #1-896225-71-3 ($20 + s/h)

Seniors and the Law: A Resource Guide 3rd Edition

In a question-answer format, provides an overview of issues facing seniors, including abuse, mental health, personal directives, powers of attorney and consumer protection. Includes a glossary and list of senior-serving agencies in Alberta. 150+ pages. Available as a PDF on website.
2000. Updated 2010. ISBN #1-896225- 28-4 ($25 + s/h)

Privacy Handbook for Canadians: Your Rights and Remedies

By: ACLRC and Brian Edy. Second edition. User-friendly information about government and private sector privacy laws that affect all Canadians.
2002. Updated 2010. 400 pages, ISBN # 1-896225-34-9  ($40 + s/h)

Human Rights and Resource Development: Teacher and Student Materials

A summary document for high school students and their teachers, based on six research documents prepared by the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre and the Canadian Institute of Resources Law. Explores the relationship between human rights laws and the law covering the development of natural resources, such as oil and gas. Includes resources and teaching activities. 80 pages.
2010. ISBN # 1-896225-58-6 ($20 + s/h)

Genetics, Human Rights and the Next Phase of Human Evolution

A report that was inspired in part by a Conference held by ACLRC in 2007. Discusses the history of the Human Genome Project and its significance for human health and ethical genetic research; briefly outlines the concepts of DNA, genetic engineering, genetic discrimination and genetic screening; analyzes legal issues such as personal autonomy, informed consent and the right to know results of genetic testing; discusses genetic determinism and discrimination; and provides a recommendation for a Genetic Charter. 120+ pages.
2010. ISBN# 1-896225-64-0 ($25 + s/h)

The Rights Angle: Human Rights Education Using the Newspaper – Teacher and Student Materials

Background information for teachers, and student activities on human rights, the newspaper, the Charter, hate crimes, war crimes and applicable laws, suitable for secondary school students. Includes reproducible handouts and overheads. 150+ pages. Please indicate which province or territory’s manual
you would like. 1999. Also available online at downloadable resources.
Updated 2008. ISBN# 1-896225-24-1 ($35 + s/h)

Refugees and Discrimination: Teacher and Student Materials

Background information for teachers, and student activities on refugees in Canada. Includes applicable laws, suitable for secondary school students. 190+ pages.
2006. ISBN# 1-896225-43-8 ($35 + s/h)

Butt Out: Smokers and Anti-Smoking Bylaws in Alberta

Despite the fact that several municipalities have passed bylaws that restrict or prohibit smoking in public places, a number of persons continue to smoke. Examines the possible challenges to anti-smoking bylaws, the cases that have involved these challenges and whether there may be an argument that smoking is a disability under the Charter. 38 pages.
2004. ISBN #1-896225-33-0 ($10 + s/h)

Religion in Public Schools: The Alberta Situation

Examines the unique situation in Alberta regarding constitutional protection for prayers in public schools. Looks at the issue in the context of the Charter of Rights guarantee of freedom of religion, which includes freedom from religion. 48 pages.
2004. ISBN# 1-896225-29-2 ($12 + s/h)

Freedom of Expression and Its Limitations in Canada: Background Materials and Learning Activities

Includes background activities and suggested learning activities (grades 7 to 12 and beyond) on freedom of expression law, Charter issues, obscenity law, defamation, hate laws and related issues of interest to youth. 176 pages.
2004. ISBN# 1-896225-25-X ($30 + s/h)

Freedom of Expression and All That Jazz

Video: 23 minutes and Guidebook: 38 pages. Intended for secondary school and up. Provides an overview of laws about freedom of expression and the legal limits placed on it in Canada.  Discussion group format.  Includes a user guidebook.
2001. ISBN #1-896225-30-6 ($40 + s/h)

To order any of these publications click here to download a PDF publication order form, fill it out and send it to ACLRC.