CARED Collective 

The CARED Collective, established in January 2009, consists of six women from the anti-racism community in Calgary. Each member brought her own experience (classroom and non-classroom) and knowledge of racism and committed to and practice of anti-racism education. Throughout the year, the committee met monthly, with small working group meetings held in between and individuals assumed a variety of roles depending on their expertise. Whether serving as an advisor, creator, and/or visionary, all contributed to the creation of this online anti-racism resource. The following are the members of the CARED Team.

  • Brenda Johnston

  • Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes

  • Jennifer Kelly

  • Deni Paquette

  • Aruna Srivastava

  • Tracy Wong


This project was made possible due to the support from the following organizations. c

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