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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the Adult Criminal Justice System in Canada, 2017

The second update of this report. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) affects adults and children around the world. Our report focuses on the central issues faced by adults with FASD in the criminal justice system. These include making false confessions, being permanently unfit to stand trial, being unable to rely on the defence of not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder, the relevance of FASD in sentencing, and finally, the effectiveness and desirability of incarceration for FASD adults. 132 pages. ISBN # 1-896225-64-2. 2017.

The Child's Right to Love

This booklet was originally prepared by the People's Law School, BC, and was intended to assist those individuals who want to maintain a relationship with a child (e.g., your grandchild, niece or nephew or the child of a friend or former partner). The 2017 edition has been updated to reflect Alberta law. It contains a general description of the law and contact information for legal and other support information.

Appeals From Complaints About Police: Powers of Review of Alberta's Law Enforcement Review Board

The Law Enforcement Review Board (LERB) was established under Alberta's Police Act to provide an independent and impartial review of decisions related to complaints about the conduct of police officers and peace officers, and services and policies of the police services. Historically, the LERB reviewed decisions of chiefs and presiding officers after initial investigations on a standard of review of correctness, using a de novo hearing—the appeal court refers to the lower tribunal’s record to determine the facts, but will rule on the evidence and questions of law without deference (respectful submission to the judgment) to the lower tribunal’s findings. However, after two decisions of the Alberta Court of Appeal—Pelech and Newton—the LERB has come to view its mandate as limited to conducting a review on a reasonableness standard, and not holding de novo hearings. Our report discusses the concerns about restricting the mandate of the LERB to reasonableness and makes recommendations for changes to both the police complaint process and the Police Act. 100 pages. ISBN #1-896225-49-7. 2017.

The Charter Implications of Bylaw Enforcement on People with Low Incomes in Alberta, 2017

This paper seeks to look at the effect of municipal bylaws on persons with low incomes through a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms lens. We examine the circumstances of those low-income Albertans who are most directly affected by some bylaws. We summarize the content of some representative bylaws and we discuss ways that the bylaws may have an adverse effect on low-income persons. Using hypothetical situations, we summarize the existing applicable legal decisions and principles and how they might be used to argue that the Charter rights of persons of low income have been violated. We also suggest possible remedies for these violations. We end with some recommendations for law reform (or bylaw reform). ISBN# 1-896225-88-8. 178 pages.

Striking the Right Balance: Implications of Expanding Executive Powers for Canadian Democracy

This report examines the impact of the shift in the scope of executive powers in Canada on the separation of powers and the rule of law. There are three parts: Part One explains the separation of powers and how it operates in Canada; Part Two explores the role of the judiciary in defending the rule of law and the resulting tensions spawned as a consequence of carrying out this duty; and Part Three examines the Canadian executive's approach to this tension, and how it impacts the rule of law and the separation of powers. Finally, we highlight what this trend means for Canadian democracy and the rule of law, and why Canadians should take action to protect it. 2016. 43 pages ISBN# 1-896225-88-8.

Keeping the Peace: Prisoners’ Rights and Employment Programs

This report uses human rights parameters for evaluating the design and implementations of work programs for inmates in Canada: human rights law, as it is expressed in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and international human rights instruments that Canada has ratified. Constitutional law issues are also considered. Although the report addresses only one aspect of the lives of those who are imprisoned, the human rights and civil liberties principles that are considered in this report also apply with respect to other conditions of incarceration as well. Thus, this report should be of interest to those who want to understand how the Charter and other human rights law apply to prisoners. 2014. 168 pages. ISBN# 1-896225-78-0.

Youth Employment Handbook

The question and answer format deals with legal and other employment issues faced by youth in Alberta:  employment standards, discrimination and harassment, work and age, salary, benefits, hours of work and breaks, overtime, safety and working conditions, holiday, and being fired.  Includes a resource section and learning exercises  Updated to 2018!

Respectful Me, Respectful You: Discrimination, Harassment and Human Rights - Educator's Manual

Background information for teachers and activities on human rights, the Charter, discrimination, bullying and harassment and applicable laws, suitable for secondary school students (Grades 7 to 12).  May be used with The Respectful Me, Respectful You video and guidebook.  Includes reproducible handouts. 2014.

Employer's Guide:  Trans-Identified People in the Workplace

Handy guide to terminology pertinent human rights law, privacy, revealing gender identity to other employees, use of bathrooms and other issues regarding accommodation of trans-identified persons in the workplace. 4 pages. For pamphlet format order from ACLRC at 403.220.2505.

Anti Racism Resource Kit

The intent of the project is to promote and facilitate anti-racism education, at all levels of the formal education system. The goal is to ensure that every student receives appropriate and effective anti-racism education and support to address personal experiences of racism and enhance safety in self-affirming and productive ways. ISBN# 1-896225-50-0.

Refugees and Discrimination: Teacher and Student Materials (Updated Syrian Refugee Edition)

The original manual was intended for teachers, facilitators and workshop leaders who want to explore refugees and discrimination in Canada. This updated manual includes background information and student materials on: Who are refugees? Why refugees leave; Life in a refugee camp; Canadian and international laws governing and protecting refugees; Settling in Canada; and Myths and facts about refugees and immigrants. It has been updated to include current statistics and information about the Syrian refugees who have recently joined us in Canada. The student activities are designed to stand alone or to be integrated into various curricula. 246 pages. 2018. ISBN # 1-896225-86-1.