ACLRC Civil Liberties and Human Rights Award

Selection Criteria:

The Nominating Committee will consider all types of experience, including those which may fall outside of a mainstream educational, research and legal practice setting.

The Nominating Committee will also consider those challenges, whether in their personal lives, or others, which the candidate has had to overcome to be a leader in promoting civil liberties and human rights.

The Nominating Committee will consider how the candidate:

•      Demonstrates a solid commitment to the advancement of human rights and civil liberties, thereby contributing to achieving a more just and fair society;

•      Promotes an understanding of civil liberties and human rights through inclusive dialogue and communication between persons and communities of different backgrounds; 

•      Develops innovative methods for valuing the importance of civil liberties and human rights through education, research and legal advocacy activities;

•      Organizes, creates and facilitates academic or community events which promote diversity respect, inclusiveness and the importance of a civil society which is free from bias and discrimination; and

•      Reflects Alberta’s diversity, including Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, and members of linguistic, ethnic and other minority communities, and people whose gender identity or sexual orientation differs from that of the majority.

Current to September 2018