About this Guide

This course will outline the definitions of bullying, what forms it takes, and some of the laws governing bullying. While a school often needs to address single incidents of bullying, preparing a SCHOOL-WIDE APPROACH to bullying is far more effective in the long term. Developing a policy or a bullying initiative takes some work to prepare school staff, teachers and students. However, research has shown that a school-wide approach works better than individual instances of addressing bullying.


1. About the Research Centre

2. What Can You Do?

3. What is Bullying?

4. Bullying Statistics

5. Risk Factors and the Effects of Bullying

6. Bullying and LGBT Students

7. Bullying and Racism

8. Bullying and Health

9. Sexual Harassment

10. Preventing Bullying: Who is Responsible?

11. A School-Wide Approach

I. Assessing Needs

II. Developing a Policy

III. Measuring Success

12. Preventative Interventions

13. Resources