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Presentation Descriptions

Presentations on Human Rights and Civil Liberties Topics

ACLRC human rights educators will create and present presentations on topics such as:

  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

  • Human Rights in Alberta

  • Freedom of Expression

  • Privacy

  • Racism and Racial Discrimination

  • Other related topics

The presentation will be tailored to the needs of the specific audience as indicated by the person/educator who requests the presentation.

NEW! Welcoming Syrian Refugees to Canada

Designed for secondary and post secondary audiences, this seminar provides information about the Syrian Refugee Crisis, Canada's and Alberta's Response to the crisis, domestic and international human rights legislation applicable to refugees, challenges faced by refugees and ways we can accommodate these new Canadians.

Employer's Legal Duty to Accommodate Employees' Human Rights Under the Alberta Human Rights Act

ACLRC will provide a three-hour seminar aimed at explaining why human rights must be accommodated, what human rights must be accommodated, what are employees required to reveal about their needs for accommodation, the employer's duty to accommodate and its limits, examples of accommodation based on disabilities, gender and religion, among other grounds, and making and defending a human rights claim. Includes useful materials provided on USBs. When lunch is provided, there is a small cost and subsidies are available.

Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre’s (ACLRC) Human Rights Education Program (Designed for Teachers and suitable for PD Days): 

ACLRC supports teachers by creating resources for teaching about human rights. This session features the human rights education resources, free presentations and services provided by ACLRC. Some resources are available free at Includes hands on sample activities, resources, DVD clips and specific information on how our resources meet curriculum requirements.

Creating a Classroom Charter of Rights: 

Students look at our DVD on Discrimination, Harassment and Human Rights and then participate in an activity where they work in small groups to discuss rights and responsibilities and to create their own Classroom Charter of Rights and Responsibilities. They then put up their Charters in their classrooms. Most requested by Grade 6 and 7 teachers.

Harassment and Youth (Designed for Teachers and suitable for PD Days):

Harassment and bullying, including cyber bullying, among youth often has serious emotional and academic consequences.  Teaches youth about healthy interactions and legal responsibilities with resources to address this educational and social problem. Based on our online program “Harassment and Bullying: A school-wide approach”.

Harassment/Sexual Harassment/Discrimination/Bullying:

Surveys indicate that harassment, including sexual harassment and bullying (which is a form of harassment), are a significant problem in schools. Many behaviours that young people consider funny are actually deemed harassing behaviours. Alberta Learning approved an earlier edition of our DVD on Discrimination and Harassment and student and teacher resources for use in the Health curriculum for Junior High students and CALM for Senior High students.

Human Rights Around the World:

This presentation looks at Human Rights in Canada and some other countries around the world highlighting children’s rights and gender inequalities. The Universal Declaration on Human Rights, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Alberta Human Rights Act and the Convention on the Rights of the Child are outlined.

Implications of Section 58.1 of the Education Act, 2019:

In 2015, the Alberta Government passed School Act section 50.1 (now 58.1 Education Act). Learning about section 58.1 is of prime importance to teachers who may now be the subject of administrative complaints from parents who feel they have not been properly informed about the discussion of religion and human sexuality in the classroom. Discusses the implications of this legislation for teachers, parents and students.

Our World, Our Communities, Our Classrooms: Embracing Diverse Perspectives (Designed for Teachers- suitable for PD days):

Classrooms are dynamic environments for truly embracing multiple perspectives. Students from diverse backgrounds bring multiple worldviews. Gain some practical tools to appreciate and discuss the diversity in your classrooms.             

Using Media to Teach Human Rights (Designed for Teachers and suitable for PD days):

The ACLRC’s kit, The Rights Angle – Human Rights Education Using the Media, contains teacher background information and student activities on human rights and the media. Using the news media as a focal point for education is effective and powerful because it contains current events about real life issues. This workshop provides hands-on sample activities.


Come join the fun as we increase awareness about homophobic bullying, create a safe space to ask questions about lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people and create strategies to combat bullying. Join the hundreds of Calgary area students that have taken this session. Also check out — an up-to-date website of resources and services for LGBT youth in Alberta (Click here to go to

Standing up, standing out:

An interactive, fun one-hour workshop about LGBT communities. This workshop provides a space for students to talk about issues facing LGBTT youth, such as bullying, dating, making friends, and finding support.

Trans-identified and in school:

A one-hour seminar that provides students with an opportunity to understand the challenges that a transgender or transsexual youth has when coming out. This seminar gently creates a dialogue about trans youth today.

Youth and Disabilities:

Presentation on disabilities, equality, stereotypes, impact of disabilities on youth in education, Alberta Human Rights Act, accommodation for youth with disabilities, sample cases, and class activities. May be accompanied by our new powerpoint presentation (see Human Rights Education Program).