Apartheid and South Africa Handout

United States Federal Government and Public Health Assistance to
Sub-Saharan Africa

Respond to the following as they relate to the United States Federal Government and public health assistance to Sub-Saharan Africa.                        

  1. List the countries included in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  2. What is the USAID?

  3. What is the UNFPA?

  4. What is MDG?

  5. What is the ICPD?

  6. What is the NEPAD?

  7. What is IDA?

  8. What are MDTFs?

  9. What is the GPF?

  10. Define NGO.

  11. Define WHO.

  12. What is PEPFAR?

  13. What is the WHO agenda?

  14. Discuss reasons for recent decreases in aid.

  15. Briefly discuss detriments to economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  16. Briefly discuss the impact of climate change on Sub-Saharan Africa.

  17. Identify and briefly discuss at least three of the more prevalent diseases ravaging Sub-Saharan.

  18. Briefly discuss four major areas for which aid is currently provided to Sub-Saharan Africa.

  19. Briefly state the purpose of USAID.

  20. What are the goals of the MDG?

  21. Briefly discuss the progress made to meet MDG

  22. This site contains links to several related reports.  Choose one of the reports and briefly summarize the information.  

  23. This site contains links to several reports and analysis of  World Bank projects/programs.  Choose at least two links and briefly discuss the issues, evaluate and discuss how the information might be used to support possible debate arguments.