Diaspora Handout


  1. What is the definition of diaspora?  What images, related issues, and ideas  arise when you think about this definition?

  2. In relation to diaspora, what is meant by the term "naturalized"?  Identify some factors that may influence naturalization?

  3. Why has Mogadishu been in the news over the past while?  Where is Mogadishu located?  

  4. What is Swat Valley?  Where is it located?  Approximately how many individuals have fled the area and are living in tent cities? 

  5. What country recently provided financial aid to Pakistan and how much was given?  In what ways, if any, does this donor country benefit from its gift of aid?

  6. Why are refugees in Turkey being denied international protection? 

  7. What is the UNHCR?  When was it founded?  What is the purpose of this organization?  Where does it obtain its funding?  Where are its major operations located?  

  8. Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East are often found in our newspaper headlines.  There are, however, places in the world where other conflicts exist.  Identify three places where a seemingly forgotten conflict is occurring.  Describe the conflict taking place - who is involved, the central issues causing the conflict etc.

  9. What is meant by mixed migratory flow?

  10. Is there a difference between a refugee and an asylum seeker?  If so, what is the difference?

  11. Who are the Tamils and what percentage of the Sri Lankan population do they constitute?

  12. What was the source of the tension between the Tamils and the Sinhalese?

  13. Who is/was Velupillai Prabhakaran?  What group did he found?  What was the purpose of this group?  (i.e.  What was it striving to achieve?)

  14. When civilians come out of combat zones, what are some issues they must face?  What organizations are often called upon to provide assistance?

  15. What was the name of the female migrant worker whose death resulted in three charges of manslaughter in California?  As you read about this situation, what questions do you find yourself asking?