Indigenous Knowledge Handout

indigenous Knowledge (Check Questions)

Answer yes or no to the following questions:

  1. I know when the first European explorers/invaders arrived in Australia.

  2. I know how many specific Aboriginal groups there were in pre-European contact Australia.

  3. I know what terra nullius means.

  4. I know how many Aboriginal languages are in use today.

  5. I know how many convicts were transported to Australia and what the relationship between ex-convicts and Aboriginal peoples was like.

  6. I know who Trucannini (also known as Truggernana) was.

  7. I know how many states and territories there are in Australia.

  8. I know if any of these states/territories is designated as an Aboriginal state/territory.

  9. I know when Aboriginal peoples were allowed to vote in provincial and federal elections.

  10. I know whether or not there were treaties between the Aboriginal peoples in Australia and the "settlers/invaders."

  11. I know if the Aboriginal peoples of what is now called Tasmania are "extinct."

  12. I know what the term "Stolen Generations" refers to.

  13. Aside from "didgeridoo," I know an Aboriginal word.

  14. I know what the Tent Embassy refers to.

  15. I know what mandatory sentencing means.

  16. I know how many Aboriginal people hold senior positions in the federal government.

  17. I know who Eddie Mabo was.

  18. I know the Aboriginal name for "Ayers Rock" and the significance of the difference in the two names.

  19. I know when Australia's Federation was.

  20. I know if slavery was legal in Australia and if Aboriginal Australians were enslaved.

  21. I know what the "White Australia" policy refers to.

  22. I know the legal definition of "an Aboriginal person."

  23. I would like to learn about all of the above (and more)