Maori Handout

The Maori 

1. What do the Maori call New Zealand? What does this name mean?

2. When did the Maori migrate to New Zealand?

3. When was their first contact with European explorers?

4. What language do the Maori speak?

5. How many Maori tribes are there?

6. What is the name of the treaty that the Maori signed with the British (Queen Victoria). In what year?

7. Name three Maori authors.

8. What is pounamu?

9. What and when were the New Zealand land wars?

10. What larger cultural group do the Maori belong to? Name 2 other peoples that belong to this group?

11. What are whites or people of European heritage called in New Zealand?

12. Approximately what percentage of the population do Maori people comprise?

13. How are the Maori represented in government?