CARED (Calgary Anti-Racism Education)

This interactive website supports secondary and post-secondary educators as they begin or continue to learn about racism and its impact in their lives, classrooms and schools.  Includes information to support Facilitator/ Educator personal learning and for classroom discussions.

The CARED Collective, (Calgary Anti-Racism Education) established in January 2009, consists of six women from the anti-racism community in Calgary. Each member brought her own knowledge of racism and anti-racism and a commitment to anti-racism activism. The committee met regularly, with small working group meetings held more frequently with members assuming a variety of roles. Whether we acted as advisors, creators, editors, visionaries or providers of food and support, we all contributed to the creation of this online anti-racism resource.  We owe special thanks to others who were very much involved in the process, especially Linda Kongnetiman and the University of Calgary Native Centre, as well as to those who contributed their expertise to this resource.

Download the Second Edition of our Anti-Racism Resource kit here.

Human Rights in the Kindergarten and Elementary School Classroom

This resource is designed to complement the Alberta K-6 Social Studies curriculum and suggests and discusses where human rights topics can be explored in the classroom in conjunction with the curriculum. Learning about human rights will not only complement the information students will already be learning in the classroom but will also provide students with the insight and tools to understand their space within the world, our country and their communities. 2018

Harassment and Bullying - A School Wide Approach

Online lesson plan and background material for teachers and administrators on how to address bullying and harassment in schools, classrooms and education settings. Includes current legislation, case law on harassment and bullying, and Alberta - based online resources. This resource is now available!

Freedom To Be: A Teachers' Guide To Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity And Human Rights

Background information and resources for teachers and students on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-identified youth. Includes applicable laws; suitable for grades 9 and up (2007, 2016).

Educational Module on Youth and Disabilities

Power point presentation on disabilities, equality, stereotypes, impact of disabilities on youth in education, Alberta Human Rights Act, accommodation for youth with disabilities, sample cases, and class activities. 59 slides. [You will need MS powerpoint and you will need to download it to your own computer] (2015, 2019).

The Rights Angle: Human Rights Education Using the Media, 2016 – Teacher and Student Materials

Background information for teachers, and student activities on human rights, the newspaper and other media, the Charter, hate crimes, war crimes and applicable laws, suitable for secondary school students. Includes reproducible handouts and overheads. 150+ pages. Please indicate which province or territory’s manual you would like. 1999. Hard copies available for $35. ISBN# 1-896225-24-1 ($35 + s/h).

Talking to Youth about Social Media: An Information Session for Parents, 2016

Power point presentation addressing bullying and cyber-bullying, digital citizenship, legal protections for youth, how to talk to your child or youth about social media, understanding applications and protecting privacy. 40 slides.

Beyond Blame 2017 Update

Adaptation (with permission) for Canada of lessons developed originally in response to the US terrorist attacks on 9-11. Lessons and handouts focus on current and past incidents of injustice in Canada in response to fear and terror and how to prevent injustice. Additional resources are suggested.

Teacher's Guide: Gender Identity and Gender Expression

A basic guide to being respectful of all people regarding their gender identity, including people who are genderqueer, non-binary, transgender, agender, androgynous, gender fluid, gender non-conforming and gender questioning. Trifold pamphlet, includes pronouns and human rights law. 2017.

Refugees and Discrimination: Teacher and Student Materials (Updated Syrian Refugee Edition)

The original manual was intended for teachers, facilitators and workshop leaders who want to explore refugees and discrimination in Canada. This updated manual includes background information and student materials on: Who are refugees? Why refugees leave; Life in a refugee camp; Canadian and international laws governing and protecting refugees; Settling in Canada; and Myths and facts about refugees and immigrants. It has been updated to include current statistics and information about the Syrian refugees who have recently joined us in Canada. The student activities are designed to stand alone or to be integrated into various curricula. 246 pages. 2018. ISBN # 1-896225-86-1.


Resources for Educators

Accommodation for Small Employers:

Links to Presentations and Resources

  1. Request a Presentation from ACLRC Staff

  2. Duty to Accommodate Powerpoint

  3. Providing Registry Services to the LGBTQ2S+ Community Powerpoint

  4. Human Rights in the Workplace (Includes Duty to Accommodate) Powerpoint

  5. Duty to Accommodate Evaluation Report