Welcome to Calgary Anti-Racism Education (CARED) — a space for learners and facilitators

What you will find on this resource:

  • accurate information and highly respected resources, including a glossary and detailed discussion of key terms to assist you in developing an accurate critical vocabulary for recognizing, naming, and challenging racism;

  • a detailed exploration of fundamental topics, issues, principles, and philosophies associated with anti-racism and anti-racism work;

  • ways to engage in your own process of learning/self-knowing, including: recognizing one's own stereotypes, prejudices, biases, taken for granted assumptions, and knowledge gaps, all of which will impact your ability to support anti-racism learning;

  • ways to support others in their learning;

  • a useful list of external resources as well as our bibliography.

How to use CARED

  • Begin by getting to know CARED in the About Us section. Next, see Our Philosophy & Terminology for a brief discussion on key terms and ideas expressed throughout this resource.

  • Proceed to The Basics: Level 1 where you will learn about foundational concepts such as anti-racism, race, racialization, racism and whiteness.

  • Next, explore The Basics: Level 2 to learn about the importance of self-reflection/knowledge and your role as an anti-racism facilitator.

  • Throughout this process, please refer to our extensive, updated Glossary for key definitions and discussions.

  • It is imperative that you complete all of the above sections before proceeding to Learning Actions. Once you have done so, we invite you to explore our Learning Actions which can be used to facilitate sessions on anti-racism.


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