Fact Quiz- Indigenous Knowledge

Please continue to refer to the following sections: Our PhilosophyLearning Actions, and Facilitator Principles

Framing the Learning Action  

The purpose of this Learning Action is to introduce participants to Indigenous knowledge and to assist them in identifying knowledge gaps they may have with respect to this topic. This activity can be done pre-session, post-session, or during the session.   

Logistics - Things to Consider 

Minimum Time Required: 45 minutes
Number of Participants Required: N/A
Age Level: 10 years - adult
Suggested Material: Handout - Indigenous Knowledge

How the Facilitator Participates

In addition to the information provided in the Role of the Facilitator, the facilitator's role is to provide individuals with the fact quiz questions. The questions can be provided online or as a hard copy document.  

  • It is useful for the facilitator to acknowledge that the fact quiz is not easy to complete.

  • The facilitator should complete the fact quiz themselves prior to the session. During debrief, the facilitator can express difficulties he or she faced while completing the fact quiz especially in regards to knowledge gaps.

How Participants Contribute to the Group's Learning

By sharing answers and identifying how their answers were obtained, participants will assist others in answering any unanswered questions but will also illustrate how they address their knowledge gaps (Internet searches, books, asking friends and family etc.).      

Facilitating this Learning Action

  1. Provide participants with the Fact Quiz (online or as a hardcopy)

  2. Allow individuals time to answer the questions. Encourage collaboration and Internet searches.


  • Invite participants to share their answers for each question; this includes identifying where and how they obtained their answers. It is also important to consider that although information may be readily available, especially with online sources, it is not necessarily truthful. Click here to learn more about Critical Media Literacy; Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to see a useful video by Dr. Catherine Burwell.

  • Ask participants what they learned through the Fact Quiz. It is appropriate for the facilitator to share what they learned as well. In addition to learning about Australian Indigenous peoples, the participants will have learned valuable research skills that will further aid in identifying and addressing one's own knowledge gaps.